Baby monitors are extremely important nowadays more than ever before. There is just so much risk that your child gets exposed to on a daily basis that it  is ideal to have as much safety precautions available for  you  and your child to use as possible.

Best baby monitors for new parents are a great addition to your child’s safety equipment arsenal. This is getting more and more popular nowadays, and you should definitely get one for your child. You might have only encountered baby monitors, so how do they work exactly?

Basically a baby monitor is just like an always on 2-way radio built and designed with your child in mind. A baby monitor is usually a microphone with radio capabilities. It is always on, and will record the sounds that your baby makes, whether your baby is inside the crib, or on the couch sleeping. All the audio that the baby monitor receives is then transmitted via radio signals into your own receiver, allowing you to have an idea what your baby is up to while you are doing something else around the house for example.

There are currently many different baby monitors available today. They have also drastically improved since they were first used over decades ago. Here are some examples of baby monitors that you might want to consider for your next purchase.

The Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor is an affordable baby monitor with a jam packed features list. Aside from being a sound monitor, this baby monitor also has motion sensing technology. This can be achieved through a sensor pad that is inserted under your baby’s mattress. With this monitor, not only will you be able to  monitor your baby through the sounds that  he or she makes, you will also know if your baby is currently moving or not.

Another great alternative which is also affordable is the Infant Optics baby monitor. Now aside from the audio monitoring capabilities, it also has a video function as well, so you will be able to see  what you baby is doing. The video signal is also transmitted wireless from the baby camera to the receiver so you will be able to have a visual feed of your baby’s current condition even if you are outside of the baby’s room and in some other part of the house. This monitor is convenient because the video feed can be set to turn on only if there is sound detected from your baby, which should alert you to anything that has happened.

These are just some examples of the myriad of baby monitors available, with each  of them having breakthrough monitoring capabilities.

No matter how state of the art your baby  monitor is though, there is nothing better than you having hands on care and monitoring of your baby. Use baby monitors only to supplement their security, and should not be used as a reason to leave your baby alone while you do something else for an extended period of time.